Attempting optimistic misanthropy

And Yet Another Blog is Barfed on to the Intertubes…

Posted by Hussyville on March 6, 2010

I think this is a Hello Kitty rip-offWell, this is fun! Or at least it will be, if I don’t allow this nascent blog to wither and die like those chilli seedlings I was given a couple of summers ago. Poor things.

So anyway, hi there! If you are reading this you are very quick off the mark, as I am still at the tinkering stage. But thank you for stopping by, and hopefully you’ll be back once I’m up and running properly.

I’m hoping to turn this blog into my own personal kingdom, where I can rant about things that are unsuitable for my other web projects. I already blog about business, politics and IT in various other places, but this blog is going to be home for my more irreverent and intemperate rantings. Fingers crossed it all works out!

Check back in a while to see if I’ve managed to sort out the template gremlins! There will be plenty of stuff to get your teeth into, trust me!

(Image via Flickr)


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