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Families Can Be Embarrassing, No Matter How Awesome You Are

Posted by Hussyville on November 4, 2010

Rachida Dati is a French UMP Member of the European Parliament, but until recently she was the first woman of North African heritage to sit in the French cabinet, as Minister of Justice. She is known for being glamourous and pretty kick-ass, notably being back at her desk just five days after giving birth.

Sadly, despite her achievements, Ms. Dati’s immediate family are taking a little of the shine off her career. Her brother was arrested in Belgium yesterday on charges of heroin and marijuana possession. This comes after another brother was given a suspended sentence, again on drugs charges.

None of this should reflect on Ms. Dati, who as far as I know has never been implicated in her siblings’ crimes. Still, it must be incredibly frustrating to be not only an woman in politics, but an ethnic minority woman in politics, and to realise that your own family are perpetuating the stereotypes that you have been fighting against for your entire life.

Keep your head up, Rachida. Rational folk know that you are not your brothers’ keeper.

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